Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing
Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing

Local 25 LIJATC:

My name is Christopher Kelly. I am the Training Director for the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Electrical Industry of Nassau and Suffolk Counties – LIJATC.
I represent the training arm for both Management (Long Island N.E.C.A. – National Electrical Contractors Association) and Labor (Local 25 I.B.E.W. – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).

The Trustees that I work for, 3 from Management and 3 from Labor, adopted a Drug and Alcohol Policy January 1, 2006 because studies show that drug and alcohol free workers are more productive trainees who attend work regularly and change job assignments less frequently. The Drug and Alcohol Policy also helps to provide assurance to the customer that the LIJATC is united in its efforts to meet their needs and it also ensures that our organization is run in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

I have been working with Christine Herzlinger since we adopted the policy. Christine, President of DFW Testing, LTD. has provided our organization with excellent support in the areas of: Baseline / Pre-Employment – Post Offer – Pre-Placement / Random / Reasonable Suspicion – Just Cause drug and alcohol testing. The LIJATC reserves the right to test urine, breath, saliva, blood and hair. We began our drug and alcohol free workplace policy using the INTERCEPT – an Oral Specimen Collection Device and continue using it today. This type of collection procedure has proved to be very time efficient and has not sacrificed the accuracy of test results in any manner.

I can confidently recommend DFW Testing, LTD. as a credible and reliable third party administrator. Christine Herzlinger is always willing to offer her assistance and has an excellent rapport with the trainees she administers the tests to and my office staff she corresponds with. Her tireless work and commitment to her responsibilities as President has been a major factor in the success of our drug and alcohol free workplace policy.

HVAC Service Organization:

We are an HVAC Installation and Service organization on Long Island, we have a fleet of 50 vehicles and the drug testing program with DFW has helped us to keep our employees in their vehicles and on jobsites drug and alcohol free. It is a great program, DFW Testing comes to our facility conducts the drug testing and they take care of sending the tests in as well as the results. It is a great program for a company to have and it is a pleasure dealing with DFW and Christine Herzlinger.
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