Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing
Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing
DFW Testing, LTD. offers an assortment of services to assist you with your companies’ drug and alcohol testing needs. Not only can we take the burden of administrating a Drug and Alcohol Program from you we can ensure the compliance of all federally regulated testing for your DOT employees as well as no conflicts of interest.
  • SAMHSA urine drug testing for federally regulated (D.O.T) workforce populations.
  • Oral fluid or urine drug testing for non-regulated populations.
  • Full Medical Review of all results by a licensed MRO.
  • Policy writing and consulting services.
  • BAC Testing by a Certified Breath Alcohol Technician for DOT and Non DOT.
  • Assistance with negotiation for reduction of Workmen’s Compensation and General Liability insurance premium reductions, once drug-free workplace program is implemented.
  • A Drug Testing Program designed to meet your companies’ needs.
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Drug Free Workforce Testing