Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing
Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing

The Oral Fluid Drug Test

DFW Testing offers oral fluid drug testing as a superior alternative for non-regulated drug testing programs. This test saves time and money and has better integrity than its urine counterpart. In addition, every directly observed specimen collection is performed at the employer site in a fast and dignified way.

· The oral fluid test eliminates the need to send employees and applicants to a remote collection site while on company time. Elimination of off-site collections also ensures that applicant’s specimens are collected in the fastest time possible so that results can be processed and hiring decisions made in the shortest time possible. Off-site urine collections are an added cost to the testing process which is eliminated with on-site oral fluid collections.

· The collection process only takes 5-7 minutes and can be done at your sites. Specimens are self-collected by specimen donors and are never touched by your staff until they are sealed and ready to be shipped to the laboratory. This prevents any exposure to bodily fluids and makes the collection process truly benign.

· Every specimen collection is directly observed which prevents donors from adulterating, diluting or substituting specimens in the privacy of a bathroom stall, as is often the case with unobserved urine collections. This increases the integrity of your testing program by eliminating urine test cheaters from your staff.

· The test is clean, dignified and eliminates potential gender issues, which sometimes complicate bathroom related specimen collections. Training for your staff is CD-Rom based and takes no more than 30 minutes.
  • Processing of specimens and reporting of results occurs in the exact same way as D.O.T. and non-regulated urine samples .
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