Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing
Reliable Quality Drug & Alcohol Testing
DFWs’ primary business purpose is to serve as a Third Party Administrator ("TPA") of Drug-Free Workforce Programs for unions, large and small corporations, municipalities and industry consortiums.

By consolidating with one program administrator and establishing a universal protocol for a Drug-Free Workforce Program, clients are able to verify and quantify the productivity of the program and the employers benefit by qualifying for Workers' Compensation and General Liability insurance premium discounts.

DFW conducts a majority of its Drug and Alcohol Testing ON-SITE, this being another benefit for your company. When all of the testing is done on-site there is no “down time” for the employee. Time equals money and when you do not have to send an employee to a facility to be tested you are not paying for the hour travel time to and from the facility. The employee is much more closely monitored on the premises, ensuring a timely turnaround in getting that employee back to work.

DFW is committed to ensuring that your Drug Free Workplace Policy is enforced with quick and reliable results. All of our testing methods are Lab-Based. We pride ourselves with our personalized customer care and our 24/7 client service access.

When working with a Third Party Administrator you can guarantee the following:
  • INDEPENDENCE – No conflicts of interest.
  • EXPERIENCE - Let our years of experience work for you.
  • VENDOR RELATIONSHIPS – Long term relationships with top notch vendors.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Trained Qualified Employees available to the client 24/7.
  • TECHNOLOGY – State of the Art reporting system.
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Drug Free Workforce Testing